Automotive Valeting Services in Cornwall

Premium vehicle valeting

Over time, dirt, grime, road salt and debris can damage the interior and exterior of your car. This can negatively affect the value of your car. At D.A.R. Detailing, we provide professional, reliable car valeting services at our unit or through our mobile service for customers in South East Cornwall and West Devon. You can bring your car to us at our purpose built detailing studio in Liskeard or we can come to you, whether you’re at home or at the office.

We can work with vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, caravans and motor homes. Contact us for more details.

Approx 2-2.5 hours - from £75

Full valet & Maintenance valets

For vehicles that we maintain that we have ceramic coated we will also decontaminate as required and check the performance of the coating and apply any top up hydrophobic products as required to maintain the performance of the ceramic coating.

  • Pressure rinsed

  • Wheel faces cleaned and pressure rinsed

  • Snowfoam blanket applied to coachwork

  • Safe wash using two-bucket method with PH Neutral shampoo

  • Wheel arch grime removed and pressure rinsed

  • Tyres cleaned & protected

  • Vehicle rinsed and dried using soft aqua drying towel

  • Dash, trim and plastic/leather dusted and wiped down

  • Mats removed and vacuumed

  • Full interior vacuum

  • Glass cleaned throughout

Porsche Boxster
BMW 1 Series
Golf R
Approx 3 hours - from £95

Premier valet

As per our Full Valet plus

  • Coachwork being dried using warm filtered forced air to remove trapped water as well as use of soft aqua drying towels

  • Tail pipes polished (where able)

  • Door shuts cleaned and rinsed

  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned and pressure rinsed

  • Interior trim cleaned and dressed

  • Boot area fully vacuumed

  • Coachwork given a hydrophobic sealant

tesla model x
JBA car
Bentley grill
Approx 4 hours - from £125

Our Signature valet

This is our popular 40-step Signature Valet Package and includes a full chemical decontamination. This package is as per our maintenance valet plus:

  • Full chemical decontamination including tar spots/ deposits, iron and fall out removed with safe washing and rinsing in between each step

  • Door, boot and bonnet shuts cleaned and rinsed

  • With a choice of sealants or waxes, your vehicle’s coachwork is treated to a high-end hand wax for durable protection with high gloss levels. 



clay bar

Claybar Treatment

All surface contaminants (that chemical decontamination will not remove) will be clayed with a clay bar to leave the surface feeling smooth and with a slick finish

wand icon

 Enhancement Detail

A single stage machine polish to remove circa 70% of paintwork imperfections/swirl marks

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Correction Detail

A multi-stage machine polish to remove circa 90% of paintwork imperfections/swirl marks

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We can offer you a choice of waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings

Other Upgrades

  • Leather repairs

  • ChipEx chip and minor scratch repairs

  • Brake calliper repainting & refinishing

  • Thermal fog odour removal

  • Headlight restoration

  • Convertible/soft top cleanse and seal

  • Convertible/soft top re-dye and seal


For Professional Detailing & Valeting Services

If you want your car to look its best, call D.A.R. Detailing on 07823 55 88 62