Automotive Detailing Services in Cornwall

(2-3 days) From £350

New Car Protection Detail

Have you purchased a new car?
Don't leave the protection of your new investment to convenience with the often sub standard dealership offering of the usual polymer coating.

Ensure your car has the very best start in life with a properly and professional prepared vehicle with our New Car Protection Detail and why not treat it to a professionally applied ceramic coating available as an upgrade option with special deals available for our new car protection package.

We will ensure your new car is fully decontaminated before polishing out blemishes from the production and pre delivery processes (yes even new cars have paint contamination and paint defects) and then applying the protection of your choice either a ceramic coating or wax/sealant with additional options to coat the glass, wheels, fabric and leather.

Where possible we would prefer this detail to be carried out at your dealerships premises before you collect your vehicle or for the vehicle to be transported to us. Please ask the dealer to leave the transport protective wrappings on for us to remove and ensure the in house or sub contracted valeters do not touch the vehicle.

(2-4 days) From £450

The D.A.R. Enhancement Detail

Would you like to visually improve the look of your car and to improve the condition of your paint work?

Then an enhancement detail could be the ideal package for you. We use a multi-stage chemical and physical decontamination process to deep clean every surface of your car. Following numerous paint depth readings and a paint condition and depth report (which is sent to you) to ascertain the safe working limits of each and every vehicle we then carry out a single stage machine polish process using the right polisher/pad/polish combination to achieve the best results possible for your vehicle and it's paint.

This process can usually see results of at least 80% + improvement in swirl marks, holograms and other surface paint defects.

The coachwork is then protected with wax (or a ceramic coating can be chosen as an upgrade option) to give a long lasting, glossy finish. Finally the interior is vacuumed and dusted with interior plastics and leather conditioned and protected.

If you need a bespoke detailing package, ceramic coatings, leather repairs, wheels and brake callipers coated etc we can provide you with a personalised quotation for your requirements. We also offer Maintenance Valet Services across South-East & Mid Cornwall at fantastic prices.

(3-5 days) From £600

The D.A.R. Minor Correction Detail

Is your vehicles paint work looking tired and lacking shine? If so then a minor correction detail could be the package for you. This detail covers everything in the Enhancement detail but we go further ... much further in correcting your paintwork.

We use a multi stage machine polishing process to remove swirl marks, holograms and paintwork imperfections. Our minor correction detail includes minor wet sanding where required and work on small chips and scratches (if required and you want us to order the paint).

With this detail you can usually see results of at least 95% + improvement in the paintwork imperfections.

Following a correction detail and once your paint is as flawless as possible we would highly recommend a ceramic coating for ongoing durable protection and ease of future maintenance. Ceramic coating options can be discussed as an upgraded protection.

Additionally, we can provide numerous upgrade options including leather coatings, brake calliper re-finishing and thermal fog odour removal

(approx 2 hours) From £75

Maintenance detailing

At D.A.R. Detailing, we offer maintenance detailing service to our existing clients who have previously booked an enhancement or correction detail and have had a ceramic coating applied to the vehicle.

We will decontaminate the vehicle as required and check the performance of the coating and apply any top-up hydrophobic products as required to maintain the performance of the ceramic coating. Regular maintenance using the correct products will keep the condition and appearance of your vehicle looking great for longer.

We also offer bespoke detailing packages. Why not get in touch with us to find out what we can offer?


For Professional Detailing & Valeting Services

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