Vehicle Detailing & Valeting in Cornwall

We are Pro Detailers approved, IDA Certified Detailers and are fully insured and offer premium auto detailing and professional valeting services in South-East & Mid Cornwall

D.A.R Detailing Terms of Service

1. Booking Process

1.1 Deposits
Any bookings for work in excess of £100 will require a 20% non-refundable * deposit to confirm the booking. This deposit secures your booking date/detail with us and also provides you, the client, with complete confidence and peace of mind that your booking is confirmed and your appointment date is blocked off in the diary for you and will not be taken by anyone else. Deposits can be paid by via Cash, Bank Transfer or Card Payment.

1.2. Cancellations
We require a minimum of 48 hours for any cancellations, If you contact us before the 48 hour period then we will carry your deposit forward until your rearranged date, If less than 48 hours’ notice is given then you may lose your deposit and the balance for your service will be invoiced.

1.3. Rebooking
If you have notified us that you are unable to attend your booked appointment and you have given us more than the required notice then you can simply call or email us to rebook.

 * You may lose your deposit if less than 48hrs notice is given with little/no reason or good cause.

2. Warranty & Durability Claims

2.1 Product Durability

Any claims of product lifespan / durability are quoted by the product manufacturer and not D.A.R Detailing. In the event of a product failing before the quoted lifespan then we will carry out an investigation to ascertain maintenance processes since application and may also contact the product manufacturer in an attempt to try and find out why the product may have failed.

At the end of each detail where a ceramic coating has been applied the client will be given an aftercare document containing the information on how to correctly care and maintain the coating for their vehicle.

In the event that the client has damaged or not properly maintained the protective coating then this will be put down to client error.

3. Collection/Storage

3.1 Collection Day

We will provide an estimated collection date at the time of booking or at the very latest when taking delivery of the vehicle at our premises. We can offer 12 hours free secure storage post the detail, thereafter any delay in collecting the vehicle will incur a £15 per day storage fee as the vehicle may be holding up other clients’ vehicles being worked on or coming into the studio.

4. Additional Considerations

4.1. Child Seats

We would kindly ask that any child seats be removed before any work is carried out. We DO NOT remove child seats as we will not be held responsible for re-fitting. We ask that child seats are removed prior to any valeting / detailing work is carried out. If they are not removed, then we will clean around the seat/seats.

4.2 Boot Space / Hatchback / Personal Possessions

We do ask that your boot is empty before being left with us and please take any personal possessions that you may need while your vehicle is with us e.g. sunglasses, medications, money, car park passes, house keys etc.

D.A.R Detailing Terms and Conditions

Before you make a booking with D.A.R Detailing you should read the following terms and conditions. Once a booking has been made, you are bound under these terms and conditions.

The following words shall have the following meanings in these conditions:

“The Company”: shall mean D.A.R Detailing who’s registered and trading address is Unit 9, Miller Court, Miller Business Park, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4DA or any company, firm or individual or person it appoints as its agents;

“The Detailer”: shall mean the person, sent on behalf of the Company to complete or carry out the/a service.

“The Client”: any individual, firm, company or other party with whom the Company contracts.

“The email / SMS Text”: shall mean the email address or mobile telephone number that is provided by the client to the company.

“The Booking”: shall mean the request for the service or goods as provided by the Company.

 “The Confirmation of Booking”: shall mean the email or SMS Text confirmation, that will include the following:

A)   The date on which the service shall be carried out.

B)   The location designated by the Client or the location of the Company’s registered address where the service is to be carried out.

C)   The valeting or detailing service specification or other services to be completed by the Company.

D)   The vehicle that the service is being carried out upon.

E)   The price for the Service.

“The keys”: shall mean the keys to the above referenced vehicle that the service is being carried out upon;

Reference to any Act of Parliament or to any regulations shall include any Act or regulations surrounding or replacing the Act or regulations referred to.

  1. Any Services supplied to the Client are supplied subject to these conditions. These conditions can only be varied in writing in a document signed by a representative of the Company.
  2. The Client accepts these conditions by making a booking with the Company.
  3. Any Contract for the supply of Services (“the Contract”) whether written or oral shall incorporate these conditions.
  4. Any waiver or breach of these conditions shall not prejudice the Company’s rights in respect of any subsequent breach.
  5. The Contract may not be assigned or transferred.
  6. It is agreed between the Client and the Company (without prejudice to the generality of salient clauses) that the Company may refuse the service and payment shall automatically become due if: the Client fails to pay by the due date for any Services supplied by the Company;

(a) the Client does or fails to do anything which would entitle an Administrator or an Administrative Receiver to take possession of any of its assets or would entitle any person to present a petition to wind up the Client; and/or

(b) the Client passes any resolution to wind itself up, publishes a notice covering a meeting of its creditors pursuant to Section 98 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or any statutory modification or replacement thereof; and/or

(c) the Client if an individual has a bankruptcy order made against him/her or enters into any arrangement for the benefit of his/her creditors generally and in any such event the Company shall not be obliged to make any further delivery to the Client.

  1. The Company shall be entitled to charge interest on any part of the Contract price not paid by its due date from that date until payment (whether before or after any Judgement) at the monthly rate of 15 per cent per annum, such interest accruing on a daily basis pro rata AND the parties hereby agree that this is fair compensation for late payment and shall not be construed as a penalty.
  2. The Company reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time prior to delivery due to non-availability of staff; or where the Company has stipulated payment in advance of delivery and no such payment has been received.
  3. The default method of contact by the Company will be by email or SMS Text.
  4. Any service booked will be booked in co-operation with the Company, who will advise in most cases of the appropriate service based upon the information provided by the client. Should the client choose a lower service than is appropriate for the condition of the vehicle or than is recommended by the Company, the Company will not warrant to the lesser services effectiveness.
  5. The booking is not confirmed until a ‘Confirmation of Booking’ has been sent to the client by email or SMS Text.
  6. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure receipt and accuracy of the email confirmation of booking.
  7. All charges for processing payments are non-refundable regardless of the circumstances.
  8. The Price payable and payment terms in respect of an order for Services shall be specified in advance and confirmed within the 'Confirmation of Booking'.
  9. If the Client wishes to cancel FOR ANY REASON, they must give at least forty-eight hours notice in writing and this must be acknowledged in writing by the Company forty eight hours before the booked date. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation charge in all cases which may be up to 100% of the cost of the service.
  10. Any non-honoured booking/no show will be invoiced at 100% of the cost of the service plus a £15 administration charge.
  11. The Company intends to turn up to all bookings made, regardless of the weather/light conditions and start and complete the service on the day as listed in the 'Confirmation of Booking'. The company will only cancel in exceptional circumstances by telephone with written emailed correspondence as soon as it is practicable to do so by email or SMS Text. E.g., Freezing weather conditions with risk to vehicle damage.
  12. The Client must ensure, prior to arrival of the Company that the vehicle is emptied of all personal and non-fixed items within the car. The Company reserves the right and the Client hereby acknowledges that right, to either make a further charge for clearance of the client’s vehicle or refuse to undertake the service which will be treated as a late cancellation and thus a charge will be levied.
  13. The Client must ensure prior to arrival of the Company that sufficient space is available for both the Company’s vehicle and their own, along with sufficient movement around both vehicles.
  14. The Client must ensure prior to arrival of the Company that the location of the service as dictated by the Client is safe, secure and sufficient for the Company to carry out the service and further that the location allows and permits such activity to be carried out. Any parking charges required or levied as a result of the location as chosen by the Client will be charged to the client’s account.
  15. The Client must ensure prior to arrival of the Company that sufficient fuel is contained within the vehicle to enable the engine to be started and run and the vehicle to be moved should the need arise. The client hereby accepts that should the vehicle be required to be moved at the sole discretion of the Company, that the Company is hereby authorized to do so, though liability for such movement or the revised location remains with the client. The Company is however not providing a warranty that it will move the said vehicle.
  16. The vehicle is booked without being seen in advance and as such the level of service and estimated completion time may alter. Any alteration of service will be advised of but not compulsory and will not be charged for or proceeded with, until the agreement of the client has been sought.
  17. The arrival time is an estimate and can fluctuate due to a variety of reasons including the condition of a previous car, weather, traffic and other circumstances outside the control of the company. This is not the liability of the company and it shall not, nor can it ever be held liable for such occurrences. Time is not the essence of the contract.
  18. It is agreed by the Client that the late arrival by the Company does not constitute a breach of contract by the Company nor does such lateness permit the Client to cancel the booking without charge.
  19. The client will ensure that the keys and vehicle are easily accessible and handed to the Detailer within 5 minutes of the Company’s arrival, failing which the Company reserves the right to levy a charge or to treat the booking as a late cancellation.
  20. Prior to commencement of the service the company reserves the right to complete with the client a preservice inspection form noting any areas of damage an condition of the vehicle.
  21. The client will not interrupt nor interfere with the Company during the completion of the service. Should the client delay the completion of the service by the Company or remove the vehicle before its completion, the Company reserves the right to terminate the service forthwith, without completing the remaining outstanding specification or provide any refund.
  22. Upon completion of the service the client will be asked to inspect the vehicle and confirm that the service has been completed to the specification as explained by the Company.
  23. Should the Client be unsatisfied with completion of the service, the Client is required to detail the points to the Detailer and allow the Detailer to rectify the points. In the event that the Client cannot be present at the completion of the service, such points should be detailed in writing with accompanying photographs and must be received and acknowledged by the Company within 24 hours of the completion of the service.
  24. Upon completion of the service the client will be asked to inspect the vehicle and confirm that no damage has occurred during the operation of the Company’s service.
  25. Failure to make any such claim in the period(s) specified in clause 27 above shall constitute unqualified acceptance of the Service and waiver by the Client of all claims relating to the Service.
  26. Any return visits made by the Company are at the sole discretion of the Company and are not open to negotiation or alteration without the express written agreement of a representative of the Company.
  27. If the Company shall be prevented or hindered from supplying all or any of the Services in accordance with the order by any circumstances beyond its reasonable control (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing force majeure delay by supplier trade disputes including disputes involving the Company’s own workforce and all other causes whether or not of a similar nature beyond the reasonable control of the Company) the Company shall be entitled by notice by telephone or in writing to the other forthwith to rescind the Contract and in such circumstances the Company shall not be liable to the Client for any direct or consequential loss or damage suffered by the Client as a result of the Company’s inability to perform its obligations.
  28. Save as aforesaid (and save in respect of death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the Company, its servants or agents), the Company shall not be liable for any claim or claims for direct or indirect or consequential or incidental injury loss or damage made by the Client against the Company (whether in contract or in tort, including negligence on the part of the Company or its staff) arising out of or in connection with any defects of any Service supplied or any act, omission, neglect or default (whether or not the same constitutes a fundamental breach of the Contract or breach of a fundamental term thereof) of the Company or its staff in the performance of the Contract.
  29. Subject only to the provisions of these conditions no statement undertaking warranty or condition express or implied by law, trade, custom or otherwise shall apply to the Contract.
  30. The Client shall indemnify the Company against all actions, claims or demands by third parties against the Company howsoever arising directly or indirectly in respect of or in connection with the Service or the Contract by the Company to supply the same upon the terms and conditions herein contained.
  31. If at any time any one or more of the provisions of the above clauses or sub-clauses is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses and/or sub-clauses hereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.
  32. These conditions and each and every Contract containing them shall be governed by the Laws of England and the Client will submit to the jurisdiction to the English Court.

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