Bespoke Detailing & Valeting Services in Cornwall

Comprehensive detailing & premium valeting packages

At D.A.R. Detailing, we provide professional vehicle detailing and premium valeting packages across South-East & Mid Cornwall. Our client base includes owners of luxury and daily driver cars, motorhomes, motorcycles and small marine vessels.

We offer a comprehensive service which includes full safe washing always using a pre wash, a minimum of the 3 bucket method, warm forced filtered air drying options, interior cleaning, tar, glue & sap removal, iron contamination & fallout removal, machine polishing, ceramic coatings or high end wax's and more. For further information, get in contact with us today.


What do we offer?

headlight restoration
from £75

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights not as bright as they used to be?
Have you had an MOT failure due to your headlights?
Let us sort the problem for you. We will permanently remove all external oxidation, UV damage and bonded contaminants before finishing and re-coating your headlights to look as good as new with a durable ceramic coating

From £115

Convertible / soft top refurb & protect

Fully cleanse and seal your soft top using a specific citrus-based product to kill spores from algae growth and then seal the fabric with an intense hydrophobic fabric sealant.

From £175

Convertible / Soft top refurb & re-dye

Fully cleanse and seal your soft top using a specific citrus-based product to kill spores from algae growth. The fabric is then re-dyed and sealed with an intense hydrophobic sealant.

From £250

Alloy wheel & arch detail

Your vehicle's wheels are removed and fully decontaminated of all brake dust, tar, & iron particles on the faces and barrels. Clayed, faces machine polished, prepped & ceramic coated for future protection and refitted with a tyre dressing.

From £250

Brake calliper / hub paint & re-finish

Wheels are removed with hubs and brake callipers cleaned and prepped for painting. Painted with your choice of colour and decals applied if required

From £425

Wheel & arch detail/brake calliper & hub package

Opt for the wheel and arch detail together with the brake calliper and hub re-finish as a package and you will be eligible for a £75 discount.

leather repair
From £75

Leather repairs

Leather repairs and re-dye for leather seats and steering wheels. Worn leather coating, scratches, splits and scuffs. (plus leather colourant)

ceramic coating
from £300

Ceramic coatings

Available as a bolt on to the Enhancement or Correction detail. A ceramic coating is the ultimate in paintwork coatings for protection, gloss levels and ease of future maintenance.

range rover
From £75

Nano protection, waxes & sealants

With this service, your paintwork will be coated with a nano or polymer coating that bonds to the structure of the paint and provides excellent hydrophobic properties repelling water, dirt, grime and road contaminants.

From £25

Thermal fog odour removal

Thermal fog deodorising is a unique form of sanitising and deodorising that totally eliminates all foul odours including tobacco, smoke, urine, vomit, mould, pet smells & more (per session)

Premium Detailing & Valeting Packages at Fantastic Prices

We provide bespoke detailing options and regular maintenance valet packages to suit your budget and requirements.

We can also customise a specific package just for you.

From interior deep cleans to paint correction and protection - we can do it all. Based in Miller Court on the Miller Business Park in Liskeard you can bring your vehicle to us or we are fully mobile and offer services to clients across South-East, Mid Cornwall and West Devon.


For Professional Detailing & Valeting Services

If you want your car to look its best, call D.A.R. Detailing on 07823 55 88 62